Poll: Wii, Success or Failure?

September 15, 2006

Nintendo will release the Wii for a price of $249.99. Will the Wii be a big success, or Nintendo’s downfall?

Click here to vote!

Feel tree to leave a comment and explain your decision.

By Justin

PS – I voted for Success.



  1. Success.

  2. A success.
    Only thing that I don’t know is how will wii all be able to afford extra controlers, so wii all can play?

  3. Iv’e seen most of the system layouts for this coming year and ps3 will blow all other console systems away. The only thing that sucks is the dam price but givin it performance id say it’s more than worth it.

  4. Success can be measured in different ways but the wii certainly won’t be Nintendo’s downfall. Marketing people will say it’s failing if it fails to meet sales targets. Kids will say it’s failing if it’s not the “cool” thing to own at the time. Your gran will say it’s failed because she doesn’t know what the hell a video game is.

    The Nextgen consoles are all targeting slightly different gamers. Of course there’s a lot of overlap since all gamers enjoy playing games and a lot of title’s will be released across all platforms, but generally: XBOX360 is aimed at those who would ideally like a 2 grand PC but cant afford it. The PS3 is aimed at an older market with more disposable income, those who still like their PS2 and just want a graphics upgrade and a couple of other minor new features.

    The Wii is an entirely different beast. Just look at it. It’s completely different to anything else that’s come before it. We should be glad that Nintendo has the bottle to break from the usual Nextgen graphics hype and VCR-like-box with the same old recycled features.

    I hope that all the Nextgen consoles have a degree of success but I’d like to see Sony’s market share slashed.

  5. It a success of course.. But it’s still a glorified white Gamecube with 2 silly controllers.

    I hope they shaft Sony, but I shant be buying either the PS3 or Wii until they are fully depreciated..

    Hell, I just got a Gamecube for 25 pounds and a PS2 for 39 pounds!


  6. “Your gran will say it’s failed because she doesn’t know what the hell a video game is”

    The thing about the Wii and the DS is that: YES. Grandma does know about it.

    I witnessed an oldie-Dad’s first go on a Wii at Eplay last W’end. He wanted to buy one and COULDN’T.
    Next Christmas, Nintendo are going to wipe the floor with the PS3, unless they take out the Blueray and drop the price by 200 pounds.

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  8. I’ve always hated this sort of marketing idea. You would think that they would get more business if they sold you an indestructable product, because y Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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