Top 10 SNES Games

July 17, 2006

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Written by Justin



  1. Some of those games are absolute classics.
    Mario World and Mario kart are among my favourites.
    I also love Street Fighter II, that game was just awesome.
    I can’t say I was overly impressed with super Ghouls and Ghosts though.

  2. Hey not too bad, I like your choices. Although, I think LoZ should be at the top, that game rocks!

  3. Being a sega player during those days, I haven’t played some of them. But I agree on SF, MK and the Mario Games on the list. Some sweet games.

  4. Good selection of choices! I really can’t disagree with any of the games on your list, seeing they are all great.

  5. “If there is a game you think should have made this list, let me know in the comments.”

    I would probably drop Ghouls and ghost and add NBA Jam, Donkey Kong Country part 1 or Lost Vikings.

    Incidentally, ever played ultraman?

  6. Nope I never played Ultraman, I heard it sucks though.

  7. oh it does. Make no mistake

    If you ever do a worst snes games list, you might wanna have a look at that one.

  8. I’m liking the list, although I think Yoshi’s Island should be further up.

  9. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one, Justin. All these games are amazing, awesome rewiews dude 🙂

  10. NO METROID ARE YOU INSANE???????????

  11. Exactly what I was thinking.

    No Super Metroid
    No Super Mario All-Stars
    No Killer Instinct

    All of this equals a poor Top 10. At least you have MK2 and SSFII up there.

  12. I agree with BRi…Super Metroid is not only one of the best games for the Super NES, but also one of the greatest games of all time…for any system! Leaving it off the list pains me to no end!

  13. Mhm… nice list, but a distinct lack of Terranigma! And you’re right, DK2 is the best DK game.

  14. Good list but maybe you should a top 15-20 list?
    Also I think Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 4(2 in the usa) and Chrono Trigger are extremely good SNES games.

  15. Good list, I would include:

    Top Gear
    Mega Man X
    Donkey Kong Country 1

  16. Eh, I’d have to disagree. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter don’t deserve to be called top-anything, Yoshi’s Island is loads better than Super Mario World, and Super Metroid needs to at least be acknowledged, if not put in 1st. And what about Super Mario RPG? Starfox…?

  17. This list is almost perfect…

    though i agree that Metroid was great, it is too damn short. Therefore, it cannot be listed. It has no longevity.

    Terranigma was never released in the SNES so it doesnt count.

    I would probably put either killer instinct or FFII in there. FFII really mainstreamed the RPG role games that we all now love. FFII should probably be top 3. Killer insticnt didnt really revolutionize like MK and SF did.

  18. Uniracers maybe?

  19. Where’s Chrono Trigger, SMRPG and FF3/6?

  20. Earthbound is a pretty neat game that would be in my top 10. I also love all the Donkey Kong Countries and the Mario games. Excellent Classics and there is finally a top 10 Snes list without Chrono Trigger and Final Fanatasy. Those games aren’t that good and Chrono Trigger is overated. But i dont really like RPGs.

  21. Okay I’ve never been to this site before and was linked here through Wikipedia of all places but this single article will make me a constant visitor!
    I like the way you guys think…

    Anyways now that that’s out of the way I want to announce my favourite SNES game ever made.
    You may have never played it nor ever even heard of it but my favourite game that never got old was Plok…

    Yes Plok…

    You played as a little thing named Plok – He could shoot off his arms and legs a short distance ahead of him…
    He has an obsession with flags AND a hatred for fleas. The animation was a sorta psuedo-claymation type thing but it was awesome…

    That and Super Putty!
    Man that was fun…
    Gotta get me an SNES – probably tomorrow…
    or now…
    *runs off*

  22. 1. Replace Secret of mana with Super Metroid.
    2. Put Yoshi’s Island further up.
    3. Put in Super Mario Allstars.

  23. THis LiSt suckS!!

    no CHreono Triggera, No FFF3?!~?

    BAD LKIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I, like many, was astonished to see Super Metroid snubbed; that borders on the inexcuseable! I also would’ve put Mega Man X high up on this list as well, and I believe Donkey Kong Country should’ve been in here too. Zelda and Mario Kart should’ve been higher. (BTW, I am sympathetic to pleas for Super Mario All-Stars to be included, but in all fairness, it wasn’t so much a game in itself as a compilation of games.) Here is how my top 5 would work itself out:

    1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    2. Super Metroid
    3. Mega Man X
    4. Super Mario World
    5. Super Mario Kart

    Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi’s Island would almost certainly be around the # 6-7 spots.

  25. Cool list.. Brings back memory of Challenging my friends on Mortal kombat and street fighter. Agree Rew Zelda and Mega man should be up there too.

  26. Zelda: A Link to the Past is one of my favorite games. It’s the first game I played on SNES, when hanging out at one of my friend’s. It prompted me to ask for an SNES and Zelda: ALTTP for Christmas. I received it, and then, there was much happy game playing. I’ve beaten it 5 or 6 times, probably.

    While quite similar, the Zelda games on 64 just didn’t quite capture the magic the same way for me.

  27. Hmm. A serious lack of MMX. I never played Super Metroid. These are some excellent games, though. I remember playing Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts at my friends house for hours on end. God we sucked at it.. XD

    My top five would be:

    1) Megaman X
    2) Link To The Past
    3) Yoshi’s Island
    4) Megaman X3
    5) Donkey Kong

  28. I think everyone sucked at Ghouls N’ Ghosts (and any other incarnation of it).

    Those games were made to make you want to throw your controller / Gameboy across the room and out the window. 🙂

  29. What about Earthworm Jim and Pushover? Huh?

  30. I would change a few things..

    10)megaman x
    9)mortal kombat 2
    7)donkey kong country
    6)legend of zelda: link to the past
    5)super metroid
    4)super mariokart
    3)super street fighter 2
    2)super mario all-stars
    1)super mario world

    ….thats a lot of super.

  31. Mortal Kombat smells. i would put Super Metroid in my top 10. Megaman is awesome. i forgot about them games. EarthBound = great game. for no particular reason i am going to write….Yoshi Safari. meh

  32. Not a bad list. A few changes I’d make though.

    – Contra 3 (Super Contra) MUST be in there.
    – Street Fighter 2 Turbo was more playable and balanced than Super Street Fighter 2.
    – Super Metroid as mentioned could not be left out.

    Possibly make is a top 15!

  33. No Chrono Trigger?! That’s a pretty good list though, I agree with most of it, although I would’ve liked to have seen Chrono Trigger in there somewhere.

  34. heres my list of the top 10
    #10 megaman x
    #9 Super Mario All Stars
    #8 LoZ Link to the past
    #7 Streetfighter
    #6 E.V.O. Search for Edon
    #5 Illustion of Gaia
    #4 FF5
    #3 Super Mario World
    #2 FF6(FF3 us 1st release)
    #1 Chrono Triiger

  35. o, and i forgot 2 mention
    these top10 games are more so opinion
    and i bet that was Justin opinion on the top 10
    most ppl have diff ideas for top 10 games

  36. Indeed, these are my favorite SNES games, nothing official or something 😉

  37. In your Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest article, you didn’t even specify why it is a good SNES game. “oh u rescue dk from da evil k rool. and itz got a piritez theme lolz” You didn’t even talk about its gameplay, graphics, audio, or anything else, as you did in every other game.

    Also, simply stating “The best SNES game of all time” is an opinion, not a fact. You could say “VGCritics feels that Super Mario World is the best SNES game.”

  38. ” Also, simply stating “The best SNES game of all time” is an opinion, not a fact. ”

    This is what I said in the first paragraph of my article:

    ” Here is a list of my personal favorite SNES Games. ”

    That means that this is just a list based upon my opinion.

  39. No R-Type or Pang, shame on you dood, part from that its a top list… SF2 is no.1 for me 😉

  40. Very solid choices, although where’s Pilot Wings and Legend Of The Mystical Ninja? Both highly original classics which would be in my SNES top 5. 🙂 Also, you’d probably find that the Street Fighter purists out there would rate “Hyper Fighting” above “Super”, but now I’m just being picky! Anyway, nice list, and I don’t think anyone could disagree with Super Mario World being at number one.

  41. still playing the SNES to this day and am playing it for hours a day. the picks are great but i think donkey kong country the first one is better than the second one

    keep playing the classics!

  42. Meh. The lack of Contra III, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, FF3, Super Mario RPG or Breath of Fire kind is kind of baffling. Nevertheless, it is an opinion piece and to each his own.

  43. hey? Where is Chrono Trigger? Itu game terbaik bodoh.

  44. Dude how could you not have Chrono Trigger!!!!! Dude that was the best game ever!!!

  45. why the hell is super metroid not in that list???? wtf
    also, put yoshis island and alttp further up, they’re too sexy for donkey kong country and stuff

  46. International Super Star Soccer De Luxe.

  47. Good list. However, I would have liked to see Breath of Fire 2 and Super Mario RPG instead of Mortal Kombat and Super Castlevania IV. ^_^

  48. I just bought an SNES again a few weeks ago (wanted to relive my High School days). Great list. For everyone complaining that a certain game wasn’t in this Top 10, remember that there was easily 40 great games on the SNES. My Top 10 would be:
    10) Sim City (just plain classic)
    9) Mortal Kombat
    8) Star Fox
    7) Secret of Mana (got me hooked on RPGs)
    6) Mortal Kombat 2
    5) Super Street Fighter 2
    4) Donkey Kong Country
    3) Ken Griffey Jr
    2) Super MArio World
    1) Super MArio Kart (Any game my little sister and my grandparents would play is good in my book)

  49. I’m not going to count the FF series & Chrono Trigger, because while they’re my favorite games, turn-based RPGs are an entirely different thing. As someone who still has an SNES hooked up to the AV3 port, here’s my list:

    10. Super Ghouls & Ghosts. The difficulty alone demands that it makes the list. Even making it to the last level is a heroic feat.
    9. Super Metroid: Played it a long time ago. I remember that it was hard but fair.
    8. Donkey Kong Country: Didn’t compare to SMB4 in terms of gameplay, but the 2d-best SNES platformer, so it gets a mention.
    7. NHL ’93: Got desperate & threw in a sports game. My favorite of the NHLs: players didn’t look all pretty but it was the last NHL game where the only score that counted was body checks.
    6. Street Fighter 2: In terms of hours that this game has extracted from me, should be in the top 3. But sorry, I thought of Axelay first. And yes, I’m counting SF2:Turbo as the same game.
    5. Axelay: The best of the SNES outer-space shooters. Hard as sh-t. Why don’t we have outer-space shooters any more?
    4. Super Contra: Contra is great, Super Contra made it a little bit better (which would become Konami’s formula). Give me my 30 lives immediately.
    3. Zelda 3: Actually, literally, an act of genius.
    2. F-Zero. Sorry fellas, but playing Super Mario Kart instead of F-Zero is like watching midget basketball. Very, very close to being no. 1.
    1. Super Mario World. Didn’t like it at first. So much slower than “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Thank God for Nintendo.

  50. Super Probetector 2

  51. my list would include metal warriors, rock n’ roll racing, zombies ate my neighbors, ogre battle, biker mice from mars and super baseball 2020.

  52. Super Mario All-Stars most certainly should not be in the top. It’s a remake compilation, people. Three of the four games on it were released in the US on the NES. Is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels alone worth being on the SNES top 10? Not in my opinion.

    Good job on DKC2. It’s good to see some respect for such an underrated game, and an underrated franchise. The second one is far superior to both the original and the third.

    Super Metroid is the only thing missing, in my opinion. It was a little short, but it was every bit as engrossing as the other games on this list.

    My top 5 probably would have looked like this:
    1. Super Mario World
    2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    3. Super Metroid
    4. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
    5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

    Super Mario RPG gets honorable mentions.

  53. What happend to SMRPG and Illusion of Gaia?

  54. I definitely do not agree that Super Mario World should be #1. I think that honor should go to Yoshi’s Island. The gameplay and the graphics were so different from anything else out at the time and the game itself was just pure entertainment. It was difficult but not to the point of giving up. Yoshi’s Island is by far my favorite game on any of the gaming systems. I also think Star Fox should’ve been listed.

  55. That list is pretty sweet. I had a SNes from age 8 to 9 but then it broke down. Now i play on an emulator and have 753 games. My favorite game of all time is Yoshi’s Island, because it’s so fun and original.


  57. haven’t played most of those (not a huge gamer…) but I love Mega Man X…. how many people here have beaten it?

  58. It’s near impossible to pick a top 10, but here goes;

    1 Super Metroid
    2 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
    3 Chrono Trigger
    4 Super Castlevania IV
    5 Actraiser
    6 Tales of Phantasia
    7 Tetris Attack
    8 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    9 Final Fantasy VI
    10 Super Street Fighter II

  59. No Chrono Trigger…No FFVI…we have a problem here.

    Otherwise a pretty solid list, although I think the SNES had far too many classics to be condensed into only a TOP 10 list.

  60. LOz:A Link To The Past definatly should be No. 1 along with any Mario game and any other game that has stood the test of time and been remade over and over with sucess

  61. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donkey Kong Country 1, and NHL 94 are also great games. TMNT wasn’t great because of the game itself, although the game was good, but the hype surrounding the series was huge and I loved playing the game.


  63. You missed:

    Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball
    Last Action Hero
    Revolution X
    Rap Jam volume 1

    All classics

  64. You’ve overrated Super Mario World. It isn’t the best game ever for the SNES. You’ve also underrated Yoshi’s Island, it has great graphics and a cool gameplay, it is rediculous that you’ve rated it 6th.

  65. I agree with what a few said in the fact that it is necessary for something much larger than a top 10 list as I could not decide which to put in it, because as i scrolled down through the posts i noticed more and more games that i thought could have been in the top 10. So maybe like a top 25 or even 50 because i had, played, and loved ALOT of SNES games.

    The one however I’m certainly surprised was not mentioned by anyone is SECRET OF EVERMORE, it was by far one of the best RPG’s and, video games in general, I’ve ever played.

  66. It’s absolutely absurd that Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is rated sixth. It’s easily the second best game for SNES, with Earthbound in the lead. Donket Kong Country 2 was in no way better than SMW2 or Earthbound, and it’s inexcusable that Star Fox is missing.

  67. It’s absolutely absurd that Super Metroid isn’t #1.

    This should require absolutely no debate; Super Metroid is the best SNES game ever created.

    Scientists have proven this to be fact.

  68. Where’s Contra III: The Alien Wars?

  69. What happened to another world!!? starwing!!? contra!!? it is hard to decide all of this. Everyone buy a DS and well all live in harmony, cos well av all these classics and a few more!!!

  70. Okay, let me explain this to all you nitwits. First off, Killer Instinct sucked. Secondly, Terranigma should be on the list, as well as the following games:

    1. Demon’s Crest. Where the f*ck is Demon’s Crest? It’s a classic.
    2. Earthbound. I LOVED that game.
    3. Harvest Moon. It’s a farming RPG, but it’s a damn addictive farming RPG.
    4. ActRaiser. One of the greatest side-scrolling action games of all time.
    And finally…..


    Thank you for listening.

  71. Oh, and for the record: I beat SG&G in 30 minutes without dying. Dead serious.

  72. My favorite game on the SNES is Mario Kart, by far. But i generally bought sports Games.

    My Favorite, although usually being a footie fan, was and still is SUPER INTERNATIONAL CRICKET. which in my oppinion has only just been surpassed for gameplay (not graphics) by the most recent Brian Lara Cricket (not orriginal BLC, cos that was rubbish) game on the playstation 2.

    What are other peoples top sports games for SNES???
    mine r
    1. super international cricket
    2. World cup ’94 (soccerball)
    3. Super Soccer (esp. for the penalty shootouts)
    4. PGA Tour Golf (i still find this game rock hard)
    5. Nigel Mansells Formula one

    p.s. Is it only me that thinks that FIFA 96 is perhaps the worst game ever made? looked like man u played like sunderland

  73. i like that list but number 1 would be mk2.

  74. 3. Chrono Trigger
    2. Final Fantasy III
    1. Super Metroid

    I’m not even sure about #2 and 3 you know. They’re just great games. But one thing is for certain. Super Metroid should literally be worshipped as a god by all mortal humans. Immortal humans would worship a heavenly version of Super Metroid that keeps writing itself so it never ends. Unfortunately (especially for the second one), neither exists. OH GOD, Super Metroid is good. It’s just to fkcccn good. Arghhh!

  75. Aww for fkcc sake!!! Rrrghghg! That game is just so fkcn good. Seriously, if you’ve never played it before, you need to get it right NOW, in case you coincidentially die in the next 3 seconds. GO! NOW! FKC!!!1

  76. if anybody EVER disrespects that game, i will PERSONALLY dismember them, unarmed.

  77. hi,
    your list is very nice!!!
    but i need change few things:
    -super mario world 2 is very suck game :/
    -super mario kart is much poor… top gear is very better
    -where is demons crest?
    -where is mega man x?
    -secret of mana is fre good, but your fight is very confuses… tales of phantasia or chrono trigger are betters. But, i dont want put this two games in your list.

  78. i really think uni racers shouls have been in that list….. best game ever MADE

  79. #####1111111111 GAME OF ALL TIMES

  80. nice list even though chrono trigger should be number one on it

  81. Chrono Trigger,Donkey Kong 2 and 3 and Mario World are the best 🙂

  82. I think it’s irresponsible not to put Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III on the list.

  83. See how many people wan’t as a top 10, this system will live for soooo long in the hearts of all of us that played it. My list goes somthing like this

    5.Super Metroid. it was a great game, but too short in my opinion.
    4.Super Mario Kart. I remember this game, being somthing the whole family could enjoy.
    3.legend of zelda, A link to the past. This game had good graphics ( for the time) and awesome gameplay, the puzzles where pretty good, and the whole Light/Dark world idea was great.
    2.Final Fantasy 6, this game had it all, Graphics, Music, Story, you name it It had it. I played it when I was 12 about 10 years ago,was instantly hooked, and it still ranks as one of my favorite games of all time.
    1.Super Mario World. This game ranks number one on my supernintendo lists because it has a very sentimental value to me. It was the first game I had ever beat. I still remember throwing the last wind up koopa on bowser in his little flying flower and seeing dump out, running around the house yelling “I did it I did it”

  84. The list is pretty good. It definitely has some very memorable games on it. I would have to say that Link to the Past has to be number 1…although Super Mario World is the most playable to this day…for that reason it beats out SMW2 (despite if the latter was indeed superior). Donkey Kong Country 1 was definitely better than the second and the third (not that the other 2 weren’t great). I’ve never played Super Metroid but have read enough about it to say that it definitely belongs on that list. Another personal favorite has to be Alien Wars (Contra 3. That is undoubtedly the best 2 player co-op shooter…ever… until Gears of War came out. lol. That game almost made me get a 360 instead of a Wii… luckily though, I stuck with the Wii. By the way, if you have plans to ever play all of these great games ever again (on a consistant, unblowing (cartridges) way), GET A Wii!!

  85. By the way, Jesus is coming back soon, give him your lives- He died for you on a cross. God bless.

  86. For super nintendo you need at least a top twenty

    The Top list: (no real order)

    20. Street Fighter 2
    19. Mortal Kombat 3
    18. Mortal Kombat 2
    17. Ogre Battle
    16. F-Zero
    15.Illusions of Gaia
    14.Secret of Mana
    13.Super Castlevania IV
    12.EVO: search for eden(nothing like i played before cool ass game.
    11.Yoshi’s Island
    10. Super Punchout(gave me mad nintendo thumb)
    9.Contra III( shoot em up classic) multiplayer rocks
    8.Mario Kart (fun..plain and simple)
    7.Mario Allstars (just cause i say so)
    6.Mega Man X (mega man allways a good time)
    4.Chrono Trigger (what can i say…kicked ass)
    3.Super Mario World (always fun to play even now)
    2.Super Metroid
    1.Zelda: Link to the Past

    and the final fantasies as well…..playin XII now for PS2…lovin the battle system. I own just about everyone of the above mentioned games with the exception of Earthbound too freakin expensive to get off ebay…someday perhaps?!?!

  87. jesus…i can’t believe i left out the donkey kongs 1,2,3 and NBA jam..these games were the shit too.

    man snes was by far the best system ive ever played….new stuff too caught up in graphics and not enough focus on fun gameplay.

  88. Walt:
    “I think it’s irresponsible not to put Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III on the list.”

    Completely agreed, especially Final Fantasy III (VI jp)
    Amazing rpg, I don’t see HOW it couldn’t be on the list -_-

  89. Wow, I know it’s been stated, but I’m in shock that Chrono Trigger is not first on this list, let alone not even on it! I completely understand its a personal list but I just dont understand how (in my opinion of course) the second greatest rpg of all time (right behind FFVII) didn’t get on here. Also wondering where FFIII, Super Metroid, Mario RPG, Earthbound and Mega Man X were. Oh forget it…here’s my list:

    10. Mortal Kombat II
    9. Earthbound
    8. Secret Of Mana
    7. Mega Man X
    6. Super Martio RPG
    5. Donkey Kong Country
    4. Final Fantasy III
    3. Super Mario World
    2. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
    1. Chrono Trigger

  90. Top 5, I guess.

    5. Super Mario World
    4. Kirby Superstar
    3. Final Fantasy III
    2. Chrono Trigger (Sometimes overrated, but I still enjoy it)
    1. Tales of Phantasia (Though it never came to the US, my favorite RPG of all time)

  91. Yo, Super Metroid is the best game ever made.

    I just played it last week buck naked in my basement.

    Ain’t no game ever gona be as good as Super Metroid, unless they make a porno game that utilizes the new Wii controller.

  92. this list is lacking

    -E.V.O: Search for Eden
    -Gradius III
    -Super Metroid

    i think link to the past should be higher too

  93. BOMBERMAN on the snes was the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  95. _


    i cant believe nobody has mentioned it…


  96. the fact that mario 2 is on here(aka the worst mario ever) and chrono trigger or ff makes me sick….. /spit

  97. i enjoy monkies

  98. I was wrapped to see super ghould n ghosts there! One of the most underrated games ever! My all time fav!

    Also, f-zero racing and donkey kong country 1 shoulda got a mention…but great list!

  99. What, no Super Adventure Island or Super James Pond? Ok, not really, don’t even try the last one or you get nightmares.

    I haven’t played that many snes games, on my own super nintendo I have only three games, Super mario all stars + world, something named “Unirally” I guess, and a strange game that is mainly jumping from airplane and doing tricks on the way.

    Besides those mentioned above I have played Final Fantasy VI on emulator, completed it already two or three times years ago and now playing it yet again, also EVO – Pathway to eden.

    So my top 4 list (in reverse order like the first one) would be

    4) EVO – Pathway to Eden
    3) Unirally
    2) Super Mario World + all stars (well, could expand the list of games in it in this place too)
    1) Final Fantasy VI

  100. that was a pretty good list. you should try illusion of gaia. its a great rpg. also killer instinct. that game IS VICIOUS!!! CO-O-O-O-MBO BREAKER!!! something like that. lol. Chrono Trigger is good too. PEACE OUT trigga digga!!

  101. What the heck, erbody 4got classix like:
    ….. Earthworm Jim
    ….: Starfox FX
    …:: Stunt race FX
    ..::: Donkey Kong Country 3
    ::::: KILLER INSTINCT (I’m still playin this on emu)

  102. I’d say Mega Man X should be up in the top 5. Also, Kirby Superstar should be in the top 10 somewhere. Super Metroid was also a GREAT game, and I’d say that it too should be in the top 5.

  103. I hate Mortal Kombat I, II, and III….

    Other then that it is a good list. 🙂
    (In my opinion.)

  104. Oh yeah EarthWorm Jim isn’t very good. It’s like Halo, LOL……

  105. So many people complaining about FF4 not being in the list. FF5 is much nicer. Better music and a more intresting skill system. And the bosses Omega and Shinryuu.

    10. Donkey Kong Country 3 (It was this or Castlevania on 10th, but I prefer the apes if I must choose)

    9. Some Street Figher 2 game (I only had WW, so I don’t remember wich is being the best)

    8. Yoshi’s Island (Really good looking and fun bosses)

    7. Chrono Trigger (I little easy, but a nice gaming experience)

    6. Donkey Kong Country 2 (The best combo of characters and the levels were realy nice)

    5. Zelda 3 (Like playing a fairy-tale)

    4. Super Mario World (This is SNES for me)

    3. Final Fantasy 5 (FF with strategy!)

    2. Super Metroid (The control and graphics and everything about it!)

    1. Final Fantasy 6 (So good…)

  106. If i made a top top it would go like so.

    1. Super Punch-out
    (If this game had two players I would wreck ANYONE.)

    2. Uniracers
    (The funnest game ever.)

    3. Street Fighter II Turbo
    (Good times)

    4. Donkey Kong Country 2
    (Excellent graphics and game play.)

    5. Killer Instinct
    (Ultra Combo! Need I say more.)

    6. Mortal Kombat II
    (The Fatality’s are awesome!)

    7. Beavis and Butt-Head
    (Just plain cool.)

    8. Super Mario World+All-Stars
    (4 good games in one)

    9. Contra III

    10. Mario Kart
    (Racing is too serious to be fun but Mario Kart is.)

    I never played Chrono Trigger and almost every person has mentioned it I feel left out.J/K thank god for emulators;) I’m not really a gamer as you can probably tell by my selections. But,I love Nintendo!

  107. Here is a list of my 10 favorite Snes games:
    (no real order)

    -Super Metroid
    -The Legend of Zelda III: A Link to the past
    -Super Mario Kart
    -Super Mario World
    -Secret of Mana
    -Final Fanatasy II(IV)
    -Final Fantasy III(VI)
    -Street Fighter II Turbo
    -Batman Returns
    -International Superstar Soccer Deluxe

    -Different people like different games, but i really consider Super Metroid one of the best and most polished games ever made on SNES and in video games history in general. It certainly has a place in the SNES Top 10 and in my heart too.
    -I must admit that Chrono Trigger is a very good RPG but in terms of story and character depth it is nowhere near Final Fantasy III or even II.

  108. I want to summarize the best games NOT on the original list (in no particular order):

    -the other donkey kongs (1&3)
    -chrono trigger
    -super metroid
    -kirby super star
    -final fantasy 2&3
    -mega man X 1,2,&3
    **-TURTLES IN TIME (still fun to beat in 25 mins or so)
    -NBA Jam
    -F-Zero (i actually never really liked this one but everyone else seemed to…)
    -super punch-out
    -contra III
    -super mario RPG
    -gradius III / axelay / super R-Type (need some sort of space-shooter)
    -Lost Vikings
    -Secret of Everymore
    -star fox
    -mrs. pac man
    -ken griffey jr
    -super: star wars / esb / rotj

    Others mentioned that I haven’t played and can’t vouch for:
    -killer instinct
    -earthworm jim
    -mario paint (anyone…?)
    -top gear
    -EVO pathway to eden
    -illusion gaia
    -bomberman (good on cpu…)
    -tales of phantasia
    -demon’s crest
    -breath of fire 2

    also, did anyone like that road-runner game, mega man soccer, or the game where donald duck was a ninja?

  109. I want to summarize the best games NOT on the original list (in no particular order):

    -the other donkey kongs (1&3)
    -chrono trigger
    -super metroid
    -kirby super star
    -final fantasy 2&3
    -mega man X 1,2,&3
    **-TURTLES IN TIME (still fun to beat in 25 mins or so)
    -NBA Jam
    -F-Zero (i actually never really liked this one but everyone else seemed to…)
    -super punch-out
    -contra III
    -super mario RPG
    -gradius III / axelay / super R-Type (need some sort of space-shooter)
    -Lost Vikings
    -Secret of Everymore
    -star fox
    -mrs. pac man
    -ken griffey jr
    -super: star wars / esb / rotj

    Others mentioned that I haven’t played and can’t vouch for:
    -killer instinct
    -earthworm jim
    -mario paint (anyone…?)
    -top gear
    -EVO pathway to eden
    -illusion gaia
    -bomberman (good on cpu…)
    -tales of phantasia
    -demon’s crest
    -breath of fire 2

    also, did anyone like that road-runner game, mega man soccer, or the game where donald duck was a ninja?

  110. plus: tetris attack, battle toads & double dragon, mario all-stars, NHL 94

    ps sorry for posting that last one twice…

  111. The list is pretty good. I would but chrono trigger in there without a doubt. And my favorite RPG snes game is Breath of Fire. The gameplay of that one blows all other BOF games out of the water in my opinion

  112. I think Super Metroid and Super Mario All Stars should have made this list. Super Metroid is one of the greatest games not only on the SNES, but of all time! Super Mario All Stars contains all the original mario games and Super Mario World. You can’t beat the classics.

  113. got to agree with alot of the games there but mortal kombat 3 was alot better than 2 KABAL is reason enough and animalities!

    i agree with super ghouls and ghosts being ultra hard
    its crazily hard!

  114. this list SUCKS!!


    and what about sailor moon games and final fantasy games. jeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  115. whers chrono trigger, it is very much better than secret of mana in every way

  116. Oh geez. Anyway, I like the list. But for me, of course, in opinion, I did play a bunch of SNES games, though I would actually say Super Mario World would be first. Although it’s not the most original of the Mario series, it’s still legendary, especially the fact of the level variety. Considering there are a bunch of levels, each with their own little platformer puzzle (Maybe not the early ones, XD) makes it great. Oh, and the Star Challenge Worlds like Funky and Tubular is awesome. Though for me, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy does make me feel good inside. And also, besides Secret of Mana 3 is only in Japan, all of these, I would say, are US Releases, so getting someone to play a game in Japanese without the fluent language ability is to read an FAQ or get a Translated ROM of it. And Super Mario All Stars is an awesome game, but it’s just a collection, nothing more. XD

  117. Nice choices but I think you should have included Super Metroid

  118. Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.

  119. Mortal Kombat II places, whereas Chrono Trigger, Metroid, Final Fantasy III (VI), Star Fox don’t…LOL!

  120. My #1 game is the Super Metroid

  121. What about Kirby Superstar o.o

    That’s one heck of a good game.

    Actually, my 2 fav games are SNES

    Super Mario World
    Kirby Superstar

    In that order!

  122. I don’t agree with some of the games in the list…
    Also some of the people here have no idea what they are talking about.

    1: Legend Of Zelda, A Link To The Past
    2: Donkey Kong Country 2
    3: Street Fighter II
    4: Donald Duck In Maui Mallard
    5: Super Metroid
    6: Starwing
    7: Mario Kart
    8: Megaman X
    9: Super Mario World
    10: True lies

    Loz, LTTP comes in first because it’s the best zelda game in my opinion. I still think that Ocarina of time and Twilight princess are gret but I have so many memories from LTTP. Also it’s one of the few games where I memorized everything… I’v done all that can be done on it including glitches and beating the whole dark world without completing the third castle in light world^^

    Donkey kong 2 is in My opinion One of the best games ever created. The grafix, and the sound and the gameplay is at the top. It’s a game one can play again and again.

    Street fighter 2 is obvius because it’s the best Fighting game created so far( never really liked Mortal kombat) The only “real” (not ssmb series)fighting games that can challange Street Fighter 2 are Melty Blood (for Arcade, PC and PS2)
    and Chrono trigger… havenät played SNK but they are considerd good. (deffienitly not DOA as they SUCK!!! if you can counter you are winner!!!!)

    Donald Duck, because it’s one of the few Disney games that are playable^^ also like the soundtrack. awesome game overall.

    Super Metroid because it’s super Metroid, the reason why I haven’t put it higher is because never got around to play it at much as I liked to…

    Starwing is just clasic… No need for explanation^^

    Mario Kart. Who doesn’t like Mario Kart… Epic

    Megaman X took the series to a new level… I missed the old fashioned Iceman, elecman and so on… the animal bosses where kind of lame… but great game with AWESOME gameplay

    Super Mario World was one of the first SNES games I played (after playing Street fighter II, Donkey kong Country 2, The incredible hulk and LTTP in thet order.)and still is a good game in my opinion.

    True Lies… It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s kicking ass…

  123. contra III gradius III final fantasy VI chrono trigger mega man X super metroid and addams family are not there.

    I liked the 3 super starwarses also.

  124. ever heard of a little game called…oh….what was it now…OH! thats it…


  125. you may think im crazy but i love john madden football it was the first installment and i still play it with my friend for hours on end and the sad thing all the other maddens for the snes didnt even come close to the gameplay of the first 😦

  126. With out Earthbound/mother 2 on your list in the top 5 your list is bound to fail!(see wat i did there lol)

  127. TRUE LIES was truly a LIE!!!

  128. No Super Metroid or Super Tecmo Bowl?

    Super Metroid can cure testile cancer and it’s good eatin’, provides much roughage for the poo tube.

  129. CHRONO TRIGGER ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  131. i’d say Chrono Trigger should be on Top 5 of any Top SNES Games List.

    one hell of a RPG it is.

  132. hey, what happened to Super Mario RPG?? That one is my favourite. Also, dont forget about Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire 2. Amazing games.

  133. os jogos melhores na minha opinião são super metroid os tres donkey kongs super castelevania

  134. I really enjoyed playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Great co-op game!

  135. NO FINAL FANTASY!?!??!?!?!

    Final Fantasy VI should be #1

  136. Ok, this list is decent but i think that Super Mario World, though a timeless classic, shouldnt be up that high, Mortal Kombat, and Street fighter shouldnt be up there at all. My list cant really be summed up in 10 games. A lot of games are on an equal level with me, so I will do just that. Top 10, with multiple games per spot.

    1. Claymates, Lost Vikings, Earthbound, FFVI, Kirby SuperStar, LoZ : A Link to the Past
    2. Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Megaman X2, Super Mario RPG
    3. Megaman X, Megaman 7, Biker Mice from Mars, Rock n’ Roll Racing, Bust-a-Move, Tetris Attack, Kirby’s Avalance, Boogerman, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    4. BlackThorne, Lost vikings 2
    5. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Fighting Addition
    6. B.O.B., Lufia 2, Megaman X3
    7. Illusion of Gaia
    8. Kirby Dream Course, Donkey Kong Country 1 and 3
    9. Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshis Island, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles VI: Turtles in Time, Yoshi’s Safari, Ys III, Wanderers from Ys
    10. Lion king (Ahhh the memories)

    Now, i probably don’t have all my favorites up here, and they might need some switching around. This is really hard to do, as I was raised with the SNES, and I collect SNES games, so I have aquired many a favorite game. Some might be up there because of memories, and I probably played them a lot as a child. Anyways, in the immortal words of Boogerman,

    *Picks nose and thrusts finger in the air*

  137. no earthbound = fail. earthbound is the BESt SNES game EVER. period.

  138. This list is total bullshit. He has Secret of Mana, one of the worst games of all time, above FF3 Chrono Trigger, and Metroid, which he didn’t even bother putting up. He’s also missing Mario RPG, Earthbound and Starfox.


    See that? It’s a fact. Not opinion. This list is shit. He included some of the worst games for the system and ignored all of he ones considered to be really good.

  139. both Legend of zelda and secret of mana are the best games ever thank god they where on the top three of the list you rock

  140. This site has been dead for over a year and it still gets 200+ views every day :O

  141. what no Killer Instinct that game ROCKED!!!!!!!! It is a classic Definetly in my top ten…

  142. I’m practically OFFENDED that Chrono Trigger wasn’t on this list. I mean.. are you insane? Best Game Ever. ANY SYSTEM. EVER. RPG, ANYTHING, BEST GAME EVER!!!

  143. who ever made this list is a total fag

  144. Those are good lists. I hate the Top 10 Snes list at http://originalnintendo.net/home/2008/09/top-10-super-nintendo-games.html

    There #2 is Street Fighter 2 and #1 Chrono Trigger. It is a very bizarre list.

  145. Zelda Rocks

  146. All these games are SUPER! So therefor we can not list them into 10 simple slots. All of them own any new game by far.

  147. Super Nintendo Top 1o

    1 Chrono Trigger
    2 Final Fantasy VI
    3 Super Metroid
    4 Dragon Ball Z Super Botouden 2
    5 Yu Yu Hakusho
    6 Star Fox
    7 Legend of Zelda
    8 Secret of Manna
    9 Street Fighter II
    10 Rockman X

  148. Broly alone is will own these other games! Kakaroto!

  149. Wait all these games where awsome but where did Maximum Carnage go?

  150. по моему мнению: шикарно.

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  155. These all games are fantastic to play. I play Legend of Zelda, Secret of Manna and Street Fighter II many times and get lots of fun to play these games.

  156. Best metroid was the original for the nes.

  157. Hi! I just noticed your web site: Top 10 SNES Games VGCritics when I was browsing stumbleupon.
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  158. Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

  159. FF6 should be #1

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